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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does your granola fit into a gluten-free / vegan / vegetarian / paleo / keto / whole30 / low sodium / low sugar diet?

A. Yes! It's a very tasty all-rounder!


Q. Does your granola have oats?

A. No, our granola is grain-free, and that also means no oats.


Q. Does your granola have nuts?

A. Yes! Nuts are an important addition to a healthy diet and have a lot of health benefits. If you are allergic to tree nuts (particularly almonds), please do not purchase our products. We have nuts everywhere! 


Q. Does your granola have peanuts?

A. No. We are peanut free.


Q. What kind of fruit do you use?

A. We source all of our fruit with a heavy emphasis on no added sugar, oil or salt. A lot of the fruit in our granola blends is freeze-dried. Not only are they easier to eat, but you also get the pure, un-adulterated flavor of the fruit - and it packs a punch!


Q. Do you operate out of a certified gluten-free kitchen?

A. No, although FDA regulations DO allow us to correctly label our granola as gluten-free. At the moment we use a shared commercial kitchen with other local start-up companies. 


Q. What do you do to minimize potential cross-contamination with gluten?

A. So glad you asked! Every time we use the kitchen, we sanitize and wipe down all surface areas and equipment. All utensils and bakeware are cleaned and sterilized in a commercial dishwashing machine.